Shipping Overseas for Small Movers

If you only have a modest amount of luggage, contact many airlines to see if they would increase your baggage allowance. You may want a formal letter from your college, and you may find that the additional amount is insufficient, but it’s worth a try.

If you intend to ship furniture, be prepared to pay a premium. It will need to be properly wrapped and potentially crated, and will likely require the assistance of two or more men at each stage. You will very certainly have to share a marine container. Consider delivering to and collecting up from the shipper’s depot to save money.

The packaging you want is unlikely to be available through any of the mail order firms featured on this site. Their packaging are often thin in order to save money.

Deliver and collect from the shipper’s depot, or compare the cost of having a small removal service deliver and pick up at each end to the shipper’s bill. (Alternatively, you may hire a vehicle)

Air freight is calculated on a weight basis, and you may have a choice of tariffs based on the urgency with which you want your property to be sent. Sea freight is a volume-based service that is inefficient.

Advertise (on the discussion board) for partners willing to pool their resources to consolidate a load (and search for shippers who will offer a discount).

Conduct an investigation into your insurance options: Self-packed products may be excluded from breakage coverage, and you should avoid mailing fragile things – if feasible, carry them on your person.

Sea Freight To Pacific Islands

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